Master Cake Maker

Lots of FREE cakes and items to decorate your cake.
Choose background,stand/plate,cake,candles,toppers and many more decorations. Design and decorate your cake using items from hundreds of options, save to refrigerator for future use, take screenshot and send the cake to friends by email or upload cake to Facebook.

Master cake maker is the best app to design your any occasional cake. Enough FREE items and comparatively very cheaper occasional themes. You can also unlock any items from any theme using your FREE coins.

5 Occasional themes to unlock.
On each themes about 100 items in different categories like backgrounds, stands, cakes, shapes, candles, flowers, decors and toppers.
200,500 coins pack and Master Cake Maker pack to unlock all existing and future items.
About 500 exclusive items to decorate your cake in best way.
Make your cake, store it and send to friends.

Get it for FREE with hundred FREE items and more exclusive items. Download it before offers are finish.


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